Some People Have Bad Days…

…I have bad months. My husband (yeah, I have one of those) found out early in April that he was being sent to another province for six weeks of training beginning May 2nd (one of the perks of being in the military I guess). The rest of my month was spent preparing for that. Cleaning the house, arranging vet appointments for the dogs, using up stuff in the fridge, making plans with my parents… etc. etc. THEN, on the day he left he found out that he has been approved for the transfer he put in for that had little chance of going through. So, more preparations are happening as I come to terms with the fact that a) I’m going to have a house soon. A real one, too, not an apartment. b) I’ll be very close to my first-choice university and should probably apply ASAP if it’s not already too late c) I have to pack and move. I hate moving!

Needless to say I’ve been pretty exhausted. Every once in awhile I’ve looked at my sketchbook. It kind of mopes at me, hoping I’ll keep adding stuff to it, but I just haven’t had the energy. This blog too, has suffered. I’m a little disappointed in myself because I always seem to abandon things when they begin to go well. Hopefully I can get back on track and pick up the thread of my day-to-day again in both my sketch book and blog. It’s important to me that I learn to stick with things, to move through difficulties and learn to handle them with grace. I will admit that right now I am totally lacking in that department. Perhaps this afternoon I will have a moment to make a cup of tea and doodle a bit. Here’s hoping.

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  1. daniellajoe
    May 13, 2013 @ 13:36:51

    I hate moving too, and it is nice you are going to have your wishes come true :-)


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